Safe Hire Solutions is a full background investigation and Pre-Employment screening company with over 25 years of investigative experience. Our Investigative Partners have worked Federal, State and Local investigations. Client base generally consisting of large charitable organizations, daycare centers, nursing homes, sports organizations, and high turnover employment companies.

Employers should be aware that relying on internet based background investigative companies for pre-employment screenings may put your company at risk in that they are sometimes dealing with outdated and incorrect information, putting companies in serious risk of liability. Our up to date information and intelligence gathering is state of the art technology that gives your company peace of mind in your hiring decisions.

Tired of waiting weeks for essential information to hire new employees and volunteers? Our commitment to customer service and timely turnaround of your potential employees has made Safe Hire Solutions one of the leading pre-employment screening companies on the east coast. Safe Hire Solutions is committed to meeting deadlines for clients making your employee hiring a smooth transition.

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